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When the war comes, I want you to run
I want you to leave your belongings
and the house on fire
and run, because they will try and take you first
they know how much I love you
they know how much it will hurt
you won’t hear them because this time there’s no cavalry
this time it’s a girl wearing a face full of teeth
and a handful of your insecurities
and she’ll tell you you’re ugly
she’ll tell you that the world would be prettier without you in it, as though prettiness has anything to do with it
I want you to go before you start to believe her
because if you do you’ll be lost to yourself
it will start with your limbs
and then your fingers and slowly you’ll unstitch
and hang your body on a clothes line and hope that the sun will make you thinner or lovelier
that the breeze might blow all of the ugly things out of you.
Baby, to think that it would find anything but light inside of that body of yours
but you don’t know that you are weightless yet
you don’t know that you are infinitely more
so tell them to fuck off
tell them that you want no part in their battle
tell them that you are fighting for yourself everyday
and until you have finished winning the war inside of you
you’ll take no part in theirs

Azra.T “I have found my battle cry and it sounds like acceptance.”  (via facina-oris)

(via facina-oris)